About Me

Well if you have come to this page then I guess it means you wish to know a little more about me.

First off my name is Brandon Cole, I’m a geeky developer who likes to learn new things all the time. I say things because what I learn never really matters as long as I find it new and interesting. I love astronomy, stargazing, and reading books. I’m a big fan of learning new systems, languages and new technologies. I also enjoy reading a few comics. You can normally find me browsing Reddit, hanging out on Freenode in ##loseit, #magento, and #magento-reddit.

On the business side, I’m currently a Magento developer for the company I work for, Aleva Stores. Magento is a great system, confusing and complex at times but a great system to work with. At Aleva Stores I am currently the lead developer for them working on implementing new systems and adding features that they need to help grow the business.

I previously worked at Discount Party Supplies where I was the lead developer. I was in charge of technical implementations and making sure the site was running properly. I added new systems that cut down on the new employee training time and increased picking efficiency and also implemented systems that increased shipping speed to handle the demand of new product lines launches.

You can see any public code I’ve written online at one of two places, first Brandon Cole on BitBucket and second Brandon Cole on GitHub. Although there is not much up there right now I do plan on applying my knowledge to some open source projects and putting some public code up there in the future.